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We collect information related to the repair and modification of video game consoles and old computers and make it all available in one place. This includes detailed information about hardware and individual components, information for programmers, repair guides, flashcarts, general cleaning & maintenance and anything technical.

PLEASE NOTE: Despite this being the "Retro" Consoles Wiki, information about newer game consoles and old gaming computers is also welcome. The idea for this wiki started on 4chan's retro games board (hence the name), and that is currently where most discussion for the site is taking place.

This project is meant to be a community effort, and so everyone is encouraged to create a new page, edit an existing one, or simply request new content. Is there a repair guide that glosses over a confusing step? Feel free to add information to it or rewrite it entirely! Are we missing information you're looking for? Ask for it! The primary goal is for all of the information contained here to be thorough, detailed, and accurate.

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