"Prinz" and "Prinztronic" were own-brand trade names of the British "Dixons" photographic and electronic goods stores, which have been rebranded as "" stores, and are part of DSG international.

Prinztronic Micro 10Edit

Part of the PC-50X family.

Prinztronic Micro 5500Edit

This is a typical system using catridges based on the different chipsets developped by General Instruments in the late 70s. Part of the PC-50X family.

Prinztronic GrandprixEdit

Prinztronic Tournament 6Edit

Prinztronic Tournament 10Edit

Prinztronic Tournament (VM-8)Edit

It was basically a rebranded Videomaster Superscore VM-8.

Prinztronic Tournament IIEdit

Prinztronic Tournament II Deluxe (600002)Edit

Machine Tournament 2 Deluxe
Manufacturer Prinztronic/Radofin/Ultrasound
Introduced 1977
System None
CPU/Speed General Instruments AY-3-8500
RAM Min/Max
ROM (Size)
Built In Games Tennis (1 player), Tennis (2 players), Soccer, Squash
Switches Game selection, Service (auto/manual), Ball speed (fast/slow), Ball angle (shallow/deep), Paddle size (large/small)
Buttons Power, Start, Manual serve
Controllers Two paddles with knob or slider, Lightgun (optional)
Audio Built in speaker
Expansion Slot None

by louis bentley

Prinztronic Tournament IIIEdit

Prinztronic Tournament IVEdit

Prinztronic Tournament MiniEdit

Prinztronic Tournament Colour Programmable TV Game 2000Edit

Prinztronic Tournament Colour Programmable 5000Edit

Prinztronic Tournament Colour Programmable 5000

Prinztronic Tournament VC 6000 (1292 family)Edit

Part of the 1292 Advanced Programmable Video System family.

Prinztronic Video Sport 600Edit

This system is original because of its large selector in the middle of the front panel. It offers the classic 6 games of the General Instruments AY-3-8500 chipset, including two shooting games playable with an optional light gun.

This system was followed by the Videosport 800, which offers more games (8) and a colour display.

Prinztronic Video Sport 800Edit

The successor of model 600, offers 8 games and a colour display.