Game & Watch
Donkey Kong 2 Multi-Screen version
Manufacturer Nintendo
Release date 1980
Media type None, game pre-installed.

Game & Watch or G&W is a line of handheld electronic games produced by Nintendo from 1980 to 1991. Created by game designer Gunpei Yokoi, each Game & Watch features a single game to be played on an LCD screen in addition to a clock and an alarm. It was the earliest Nintendo product to garner major success. The device was known as Tricotronic in Germany.

All the line is based on Sharp SM5xx family of CPUs (SM5A/SM510/SM511/SM512).

Versions[edit | edit source]

  • Silver (1980)
  • Gold (1981)
  • Multi Screen (1982–1989)
  • Tabletop (1983)
  • Panorama (1983–1984)
  • New Wide Screen (1982–1991)
  • Super Color (1984)
  • Micro Vs. System (1984)
  • Crystal Screen (1986)
  • Mini Classics (1998)

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