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Elektronika (Russian: Электроника) also spelt Electronika or Electronica, is a common brand name used on many consumer products in the former Soviet republics. They produced many clones of the Nintendo Game Watch devices, as well as some home computers and game consoles, in the Soviet Union from the 1980's to 1991 and in many post-Soviet republics until the mid 1990's. At present, the brand is still used on wristwatches in Belarus.

Nintendo Game Watch clones[]

Under control of the Ministry of the Electronics Industry, Elektronika started producing Nintendo Game Watch clones in the Soviet Union in 1984. These games were popularized under the rule of Mikhail Gorbachev in the mid to late 1980's. They are essentially clones of the Game Watch New Wide Screen series with a few exceptions.

Known models include:

Elektronika IM-02 "Nu, pogodi!" (Russian: Ну, погоди!) introduced 1984. - Nintendo EG-26 Egg

Elektronika IM-03 "Mysteries of the Ocean" (Russian: Тайны океана) introduced 1989. - Nintendo OC-22 Octopus

Elektronika IM-04 "Merry Cook" (Russian: Весёлый повар) introduced 1989. - Nintendo FP-24 Chef

Elektronika IM-09 "Space Bridge" (Russian: Космический мост) introduced 1989. - Nintendo FR-27 Fire

Elektronika IM-13 "Explorers of space" (Russian: Разведчики космоса) introduced 1989.

Elektronika IM-22 "Funny Football" (Russian: Веселые футболисты) introduced 1989.

Elektronika MG-50 "Amusing Arithmetic" introduced 1989.

Elektronika IM-23 "Autoslalom" (Russian: Автослалом) introduced 1989.

Elektronika IM-50 "Space Flight" (Russian: Космический полет) introduced 1991.


Elektronika IM-12 "Winnie the Pooh" (Russian: Винни-пух) clone of Nintendo Game Watch Panorama Screen series. Release date: unknown (199x)

Other consoles[]

Elektronika VideoSport-3 (Russian: Электроника Видеоспорт-3) plug and play Pong console. Release date: 1991.

Elektronika IM-15 (sometimes branded as IM37, Russian: Электроника ИМ-15) tabletop football game. Release date: unknown (1989?)

Home computers[]

Elektronika BK series (Russian: Электроника БК)

The Elektronika BK series refers to a set of home computers produced in the Soviet Union from 1983 to 1991, and in Russia until 1993. The RAM configuration ranges from 32KiB in lower-end models to up to 128KiB in the higher-end models.