Every Console:

Brown Box

Ags TVG 101-4

TV Fun 401

TV Fun 401A

TV Fun 401T

TV Fun Sportsarama 402 - 402C

TV Fun Match 405

TV Fun 405a

TV Fun 406

TV Fun 442

TV Fun 444

TV Fun 500

Video Game (D-5654)

Most Exciting Home Video Game (D-5614)

Video Game (D-5715)


D-5996 Programmable TV Game Console

Tele-Sports IV

Colour TV Game

Sports-Action TV Game 922

TV Game T-800



Color Video Game BM-1000

TV Game (TVG-406-6)

TV Game AU-807

TVG-SD-01-8 Color

Video SD-050

Visiomatic 101

Video Spiel TG-621

Videotronic II (3388)

Videotronic II (8550C)


TV Spel AU-807

TV Spel T-338

Name Of The Game (A-100)

Name of the Game II (A-300)

Electronic TV Game Centre Model 15

HK 1350

7000 Color

Stadium 4002

Stadium BW-11

Stadium Colour C-22


Stadium C-4003

Most Exciting Home Video Game D-5614


VideoSport by TCR (7801)

Video Sports 2000

Video Sports


TVG 200

Ultra Pong Doubles (C-402 D)

Pong (model C-100)

Super Pong (C-140)

Super Pong Ten (C-180)

Stunt Cycle (C-450)

Hockey Pong (C-121)

Video Pinball C-380 (woodgrain)

Video Pinball C-380 (white)

Super Pong PRO-AM (C-200)

Super Pong PRO-AM Ten (C-202)

Ultra Pong (C-402 S)

Pong Doubles (C-160)

TV-Player 1

TV-Player II


Color TV Game PP-160

Home's TV Set PP-600

Most Exciting Home Video Game PP-420

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