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• 11/27/2017

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• 4/23/2015

Whats your favourite retro console besides Nintendo , Sega and Atari

Easy ! I Would say Atari2600 but since its not allowed , I Will go for Either Colego Gemini or Thet Sears system :3
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• 8/27/2013

I'll bite. Virtual Boy clicks when powered on, but no audio, no video.

This was not a gradual failure, but more of an immediate one. I had used the system, and it worked fine. I had then put it away for about a year, then dragged it back out to find it dead.
I am loathe to take it apart, since it's ten million screws and moving parts in a cramped space. Just wondering if anyone's got an "Oh, I had that problem, and I fixed it in the following manner"
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• 6/17/2013

Is there potential for a not-horrible rechargeable VMU mod?

Yes, I've seen others' works, and nearly despaired. They tend to be horrific bundles of wire and electrical tape.
LiR2032 cells exist now (not sure if the mAH values compare to general purpose lithium ion cells), and the VMU has a decent amount of empty space inside to make a simple charging circuit to prevent overcharging, and room for a microUSB connector... I haven't checked the pinout for the ports in the controller to see if power could be tapped from that point, making VMUs that recharge when inserted into a controller, which is in turn plugged into a Dreamcast that is on. Of course, don't want to burn out the controller board in the DC doing that, like some 3rd party pads do on their own.
Truly a niche market for such a plan, but hey. Ugh, now I just thought about a horribly slow trickle charge from trying to charge a 6V battery with a 5V supply.
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• 6/1/2013


Hey guys i'm totally new to this, and for the first time i wanna help with a wiki, tell me what i can do
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